Kiss Me That Way by Laura Trentham

Monroe has known Cade Fournette since she was 13 years old. He was always there for her, until he vanished for many years. He’s back now and things pick up right where they left off. Monroe is now a successful physical therapist and she’s only missing one thing in her life, love! Cade is a business success (former bad boy), coming back to his hometown to see his family. After all these years, he’s never found love either. Things in Cottonbloom are heating up!

I loved this book! Yes, it’s a contemporary romance but it has wonderful dimensions that are so interesting and relevant. Laura Trentham has developed “touchable” characters who are so real. (Her style reminds me of Robyn Carr.) She takes the reader to two ordinary little towns and makes the reader feel “at home”. The depth that she gives to Monroe and Cade have you begging for more! The book touches the subjects of physical abuse, teen drinking, and the problem that some teens and women have with abusive relationships of all kinds. I loved the story line about teen drinking and young girls that allow men to abuse them. The author did a fabulous job on this story line and I appreciate that she wrote about it. Monroe is definitely not a weak woman and her character was so interested in helping young women. I loved it! Oh, I won’t even get into the character of Cade but Trentham did such a great job of writing him, I felt like I knew him towards the end.

I am giving my honest opinion of this book in exchange for the egalley from the publisher, via NetGalley.

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