Close to You by Kristen Proby

Cami (Camilla) LaRue is in love with her friend’s older brother, Landon Palazzo. The only problem is that she fell in love when she was a young girl. Landon always loved having teenager Cami as one of his closest friends, but because he was older, he decided to join the military to get away from the feelings that he felt for Cami. The story begins with Landon coming back to town and Cami attempts to reconnect with him. At first, he is rude and tries to push her away, but soon they both give in to the long-time feelings and begin a sweet relationship. Kristen Proby has a knack for making her characters believable and full of emotion that the reader can “latch” on to. I like her story line in Close to You. It is enjoyable and full of great characters, especially Cami’s friends. I loved all of her friends and loved the banter between them. I highly recommend Close to You to anyone who loves a great (feel-good) story full of snappy, sharp dialogue. It is a great example of today’s contemporary romance at it’s best.

The advance copy of this book was graciously given to me by the publisher, Harper Collins/William Morrow in exchange for a honest review.

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