Last Chance Season by Brenna Mills

Ash, or Ashleigh Jones, has just received her first position as park ranger with the National Park System at Saguara National Park, Arizona. It’s been a life-long dream of Ash’s and she is thrilled except for one thing. Zach Stanley, the love of her life who left her during her college years. Zach now operates the Red Desert Guest Ranch, just a few miles from the National Park. It’s been over eight years since they’ve seen each other, but obviously neither Ash or Zach has forgotten each other. Ash’s best friend is Trish and Mateo is Zach’s sidekick. They both are great characters; very funny and have a very sweet story line. The story flashes from present to past to show the progression of Ash and Zach’s relationship. The plot was interesting but it was very predictable. I found some of the language to be totally unnecessary. There were exclamations that I found to be rather out-of-place and quite crude. I have read many contemporary romance novels with many sexual situations. This book seemed to throw in sex just for the sake of having sexual scenes in it. Parts of the book held my interest but overall, I had a hard time finishing it.

Last Chance Season: A Plum Harbor Novel by Brenna Mills will be published on June 28, 2016. The egalley of this book was graciously given to me by the publishers, Kensington Publishing, in exchange for a honest review.

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