Marriage, Monsters-in-Law, and Marriage by Sara Rosett

Elle Avery is asked by her sister-in-law, Summer, to take over the organizational duties for her wedding weekend on Camden Island, right off the coast of South Carolina. Mitch, her husband, and their two children are very excited to be attending the wedding at the exclusive vacation resort. Summer and her fiancé, Brian, have a wonderful wedding planned with many interesting events. Elle’s biggest job is keeping peace between Summer’s mother and stepmother, Yvonne and Patricia. Patricia is a foul-tempered woman who sees herself as being in control of the wedding, as well as Gus, Summer’s father. Yvonne is a dreamer who goes around quoting Shakespeare at every opportunity. The story begins the weekend of the wedding when many strange things happen to the bride-to-be. Next, there is a murder with many suspects. Other things “accidentally ” happen to the characters while the reader is treated to a beautiful tour of the barrier island. I really enjoyed the author’s rich character development and great plot. A perfectly satisfying cozy mystery that is sure to please the reader! I would definitely recommend this book to any lover of a good mystery.

Marriage, Monsters-in-Law, and Murder will be published June 28, 2016 by Kensington Publishers. I received this egalley from Kensington Publishers in exchange for a honest review.

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