Wind River Wrangler by Lindsay McKenna

Shiloh Gallagher is a successful author of romance novels in New York City. She is alone in the world, her life spent in her family apartment, writing and going about her life when she begins to get threatening faxes and phone calls. Her creative writing comes to a halt and she becomes terrified as police dismiss her as “imagining” a problem! The harassment escalates to her doorknob being turned back and forth over and over, day after day. Shiloh becomes a prisoner in her home and unable to write or work. She immediately calls her mother’s old friend in Wyoming who owns a working ranch. Shiloh loves the ranch at first glance. She also loves the look of Roan, the wrangler that she has to share living quarters with. Roan is a former member of the Army Special Forces who’s tall, muscular and serious. He knows about Shiloh’s past and genuinely wants to help her. Shiloh and Roan are drawn together in a beautifully written story that is so delicate and sweet, I hated to put it down. I really loved author, Lindsay McKenna’s style and characters tremendously. I’ve never read any of her books before, but now she will be one of the top authors on my contemporary romance list! I definitely would recommend this book to lovers of Robyn Carr and Nora Roberts. I am so happy to discover this author, reading this book was like opening a gift!

Wind River Wrangler by Lindsay McKenna will be available on October 25, 2016 published by Zebra books, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Inc. The egalley of this book was made available by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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