With Every Breath by Maya Banks

Eliza Cummings escaped a horrible situation when she was a teenager. It ended with a dangerous man being sent to prison for life. Eliza is a really tough lady who takes a job with Devereaux Security Services. She has managed to enjoy her life until a phone call informing her that the man that she put away is being released from prison because of a technicality. Wade Sterling has always had an attraction to Eliza. He loves her tough exterior, but manages to see behind her facade. He is alarmed to see her getting uneasy and quickly distressed lately. He is determined to become her protector but he has to constantly fight Eliza to do this. Eliza has already decided to handle this situation on her own. She has no room for anyone in her life, especially Wade. This story has everything from romance to thrilling and suspenseful scenes. The released criminal has a supernatural power that adds a different dimension to the story. The situation of Wade and Eliza’s attraction is powerful and engaging. This book is definitely one that many will enjoy. The only drawback for me was that this is the fourth in the Slow Burn series. I had not read any of the others and sometimes I felt like I would have understood and enjoyed it better if I had.

With Every Breath by Maya Banks is being published by Avon Books. An egalley of this book was made available by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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