Wind River Rancher by Lindsey McKenna

Beautifully written and tastefully done, Wind River Rancher is a powerful, heart-warming story of veterans and PTSD. The story opens with a homeless veteran, Reese, who is literally starving when he arrives in the town of Wind River. A kind shop owner gives him food and clothing and directs him to the Bar C Ranch, owned by Shay Crawford and operated by three vets with PTSD. Shay instantly recognizes the problems that plague Reese and invites him to join her group of hardworking vets. I found this story to be a fabulous example of a good contemporary romance. The extensive amount of information given about PTSD was impressive and engaging. The author takes a modern topic and spins together, endearing characters and a sweet love story. I read Lindsay McKenna’s first book in this series, Wind River Wrangler, enjoyed it immensely and immediately became a fan. This newest installment will not disappoint! Recommend this highly to those who love books that have a great story of vets, PTSD and healing love.

Wind River Rancher by Lindsay McKenna will be available December 27, 2016 by Kensington Publishers Corp. An egalley of this book was made available to the reader in exchange for a honest review.

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