Daughter of the Forest by Vella Munn

Madsaw must avenge his father’s death by going to the village of the murderer and kidnapping his daughter, Twana. Deep in the forest of the Pacific Northwest, Madsaw travels day and night before he is able to get to the location of the Tillamook tribe. Successful in his mission, Madsaw takes his captive slave back to his village. Twana is a beautiful maiden and she has the unusual power of communicating with all of the animals of the forest. Madsaw must wait for Twana’s father to pay a ransom to get his daughter back but he doesn’t realize what a hard time he will have keeping his heart out of the negotiations. I love historical fiction and stories of Native Americans so I found this book to be interesting and enjoyable until the very end. Though it was a bit stereotypical, it still had well developed characters and a sound plot. Recommended for lovers of historical fiction.

Daughter of the Forest by Vella Munn is now available from Beyond the Page Publishing. An egalley of this book was made available via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.

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