The Forget-Me-Not-Flower-Shop by Tracy Corbett

The Forget Me Not Flower Shop shines with four separate subplots whose characters are carefully woven together later in the story. Evie is managing the shop and hopes to one day own it. She needs a plumber and calls in Scott, who lives with his mother and nephew after a heartbreaking incident with the love of his life. This story is engaging and honest, I loved the author’s prose and characters. Scott is the man that every woman is looking for! Evie was the only character that I really wish had been a little different. She was too snitty and mean to Scott at first and a little too uninterested to me. All in all, I still recommend this book as a great read! I really enjoyed it!

The Forget Me Not Flower Shop by Tracy Corbett is now available from Maze, an imprint of Avon
Books UK. An egalley of this book was made available by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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