By the Currawong’s Call by Welton B. Marsland

In 1891 Victoria, Australia, Anglican priest Matthew comes to a small town to become the pastor of their church.  He meets local policeman, Jonah Park and they immediately become friends.  Jonah introduces him to small-town living and all the local pubs.  As their friendship progresses, Matthew feels a growing attraction to the rugged Jonah as their relationship takes a turn.  I must begin with the comment that this story is in the LGBTQIA romance genre. I usually do not read or review these books but I decided to give it a try.  That being said, I found the author’s characters to be engaging and interesting.  The storyline was realistic and enjoyable..  The characters’ problems were sensitive and emotional.  I am a lover of historical romance and found this book to be a good addition to this genre.

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