When the Fire Falls by Karen Barnett

A historical, Christian romance that takes place in the 1920’s In Yosemite National Park. Artist Olivia Rutherford is running away from her past when she accepts a job painting for an outdoor magazine. She must go to Yosemite to paint, but will also be facing many fears as she takes the assignment. A young man at the park is assigned to assist and guide Olivia around Yosemite. Clark works at the park and is not happy when he is told to “babysit” the artist. Olivia has many secrets as well as fears that have haunted her for years. She knows that if anyone finds out who she really is or about her family, her whole career will shatter and she will never find true love. This story is rich in describing the beautiful natural vistas and lovely amenities that are actually at Yosemite. Excellent characterization and interesting plot make this a 4.5 rating with a high recommendation.

Where the Fire Falls by Karen Barnett will be available June 5, 2018 by WaterBrook and MaultWomah. An egalley of this book was made available by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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