Katerina by James Frey

A young, American writer moves to Paris to begin his writing experience. Though a haze of drugs, alcohol and sex, there she is, Katerina. When I began reading the short, choppy prose, I wasn’t sure that I could finish this book. Given my love for European cities and different cultures, I thought I would find some common ground with the story. I was mistaken as I sank into a web of alcohol, drugs and debauchery like nothing else I’ve ever read. (I usually stay away from this genre.) As I kept reading, I was fascinated by the story and eager to finish. Whether it is semi-autobiographical or not doesn’t matter to me. It was an emotional and gut-wrenching story line that crossed Europe and kept me enthralled till the last word. James Frey wrote the controversial book, A Million Little Pieces. I also know that it sold millions of copies and now I know why. Regardless of whatever has been said, James Frey has a gift of storytelling and has written a book that made me feel the fear and anguish of lost love in a tragic and fascinating way.

Katerina by James Frey will be available September 11, 2018 by Gallery/Scout Press, an imprint of Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books. An egalley of this book was made available by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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