How to Hack a Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway

Mel Strickland works tirelessly as a computer technician in a New York office that helps get tech startups off the ground. Mel is fed up with her dating past. She has been using the Fluttr dating app and has had a variety of dates who have been either liars, losers or just jerks in general. Of course that was before she meets the handsome Alex Hernandez at her office. Alex is every woman’s dream! He is handsome, attentive and sweet. Has Mel finally kissed enough toads? I really did love this story that kept me in stitches and wide awake late into the night. Mel reminds me of so many women who are single today and looking for their own Prince Charming! Mel is a wonderful programmer and she is quick thinking and rises to tackle any problem that she finds. I love her example of being a such a strong woman who finds a way against all adversaries! I rate this book a solid five stars!
Publication date is July 30, 2019.

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