The Perfect Catch by Joanne Rock

Cal comes from a long line of professional baseball players so when he loses his starting position and then is cut completely from the team, he must head home to face his family. His mother has hired a caretaker, Josie, to stay in her country home while she is away. Josie is young, ambitious and beautiful. She realizes the attraction between she and Cal but knows that she is still the hired help. As their relationship progresses, Josie is torn over the the idea of being in the public eye and having her heart broken by a handsome athlete. Good story but I didn’t feel a real connection between the two. Josie’s character was a little “light” and I didn’t feel any empathy toward her situation. For the reasons listed, I give this book three stars because it was likable and I think that many will enjoy the story.
Thank you to Tule Publishing for allowing me to read and review this book.

Sullivan’s Promise by Joan Johnston

One cool night in Montana, Rye Sullivan met a beautiful lady, Lexie, and ended up in bed with her. When Rye woke up the next morning, he was alone and bewildered! He thought he had met his soulmate! Time went by and he found out that one night of passion had turned into a baby! Unfortunately, Lexie didn’t want a child and she was willing to give up her rights and her child to Rye. Six months later, Lexie was back, full of remorse and sadness as she tried to explain to Rye that she had made a mistake and wanted to be part of her child’s life again. Rye is reluctant to take her into his son’s life as he worried what danger he would chance with his own heart. I enjoyed this sweet story that shows a strong dad and a “flighty” mom and their fight to make the best life for their son and their family. Four strong stars for this contemporary romance.

Thank you Random House Publishing Group-Ballantine for allowing me to read and review this book.

Her Wild Ride by Heather Van Fleet

Summer is in need of a getaway! Her hard work as a middle school teacher is going to start again as soon as summer vacation ends! She offers to drive across country to California (because she wants to see the Pacific Ocean) and to take along her friend’s stepbrother, Niyol. The ruggedly handsome Niyol just happens to be an ex-con and has to get away from dangerous members of his old motorcycle club. Their trip is a long one and it will be hard for the two to remain friends as they are deeply attracted to each other. Sizzling is the description in the title and that’s exactly what you get in this book! Great characters, who are likable and realistic make this a fun read for those who like good girl/ bad boy stories. Four stars for this book!
Thanks to Bookouture for allowing me to read and review this book.

The Little Teashop on Main by Jodi Thomas

Three different people and three totally different personalities are the best way to describe childhood friends, Emily, Zoe and Shannon. When we meet these women, Emily is a sweet, fragile person who has some issues with her mental health. Zoe is a fun, free-spirited blonde whose goal is to become an actress in New York City. Shannon is a serious, tall and athletic person who is leaving to attend the Air Force Academy. We also meet Jack, the man who loves all three women and is a faithful friend to each one. This moving book takes us through their lives and shows how love, family and friendship is so important to us all. Great, well-developed characters and a solid, emotional story made this an excellent four stars for me.

Biker Baby by Penny Dee

Honey meets the bad-boy motorcycle club guy! Honey and Caleb hook up and Honey finds out she’s pregnant, two months later. Once again the bad boy turns out to be a really kind and loving guy. Even though this is a common story line, it still was a fun, sweet read that I never get tired of! Great characters galore made this a solid four stars for me.

The Temptation of Grace by Kristin Vayden

Iris Grace Morgan has suffered through the death of both parents and was bound to the guardianship of Lord Kilpatrick. The Lord and his wife are determined to find her a love match and marriage for Grace during the current London season. Ramsey Scott, Marquess of Sterling is one of Lord Kilpatrick’s best friends and is willing to help Grace and Lord Kilpatrick in any way that he can, even if that meant losing his own heart! A solid four stars for this fun, sweet novel with solid characters and an engaging story!

Publication date is April 30, 2019.