Sullivan’s Promise by Joan Johnston

One cool night in Montana, Rye Sullivan met a beautiful lady, Lexie, and ended up in bed with her. When Rye woke up the next morning, he was alone and bewildered! He thought he had met his soulmate! Time went by and he found out that one night of passion had turned into a baby! Unfortunately, Lexie didn’t want a child and she was willing to give up her rights and her child to Rye. Six months later, Lexie was back, full of remorse and sadness as she tried to explain to Rye that she had made a mistake and wanted to be part of her child’s life again. Rye is reluctant to take her into his son’s life as he worried what danger he would chance with his own heart. I enjoyed this sweet story that shows a strong dad and a “flighty” mom and their fight to make the best life for their son and their family. Four strong stars for this contemporary romance.

Thank you Random House Publishing Group-Ballantine for allowing me to read and review this book.

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