The Bookshop on the Shore by Jenny Colgan

I loved this new Jenny Colgan novel! A distraught, uncomprehending father with three young children in Scotland meets a young English woman as she becomes his “Nanny number seven”. Nanny Zoe has a four year old son who has never spoken who has a “never present” dad to boot! The story is about family, a mother and father’s love for their child and a full cast of great characters. This is not a romance! This book deals with family members and their relationships. The plot is rich in emotions and children dealing with issues stemming from the loss of a parent and/or living with one parent. I really found it to be so captivating and sincere. It made me feel the pain and the sad emotions that adults put their children through. This is my favorite Jenny Colgan book and I’ve read many of them. Five stars for pulling my heart strings!

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