To Tempt the Wolf by Terry Spear

Tessa, a human female lives in the Pacific Northwest along the coast.  She is out picking up firewood on the beach when she comes across a naked man who is unconscious and freezing.  That man, Hunter, is really a lupus garou or werewolf.  He is is leader of a pack that is in the area and becomes involved with a vicious gang of grey wolves that are up to “no good”!  Tessa and Hunter become involved and the story goes on.  Actually, this is a rather long book and I really didn’t mind.  It’s got tons of action and a great story.  I’ve read shapechangers, paranormal romance before but the author gives some wonderful detail into the lives and habits of the loup garou!  She also explains and displayed the process of a human becoming a werewolf.  Very Interesting!  Treat yourself to some great action and a fabulous story.  Five stars for this one!  

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