Wicked Cowboy Wolf by Kait Ballenger

The stars of this book are the cowboy wolf-shifters who are in an organized pack and must fight vampires who are trying to kill them all. The sister of the leader, Maeve Grey, is embroiled in the whole plot and the bloodsuckers are trying to find her to use her in an experiment that they think will help them defeat the wolf-shifters. She must try to get away from the vampires and the only person/shifter who can help her is a disgraced outlaw, former Grey Wolf, Jared Black. Jared has his radar tuned into Maeve! He lost her once but swears that that will never happen again. Things are getting HOT on the range!

The Mail Order Bride’s Secret by Linda Broday

Melanie and her twin sister get into trouble and the only way that Melanie can save her sister is to marry a wanted outlaw. No one told her that Tait (the outlaw) was a handsome gunslinger who now was caring for his three orphaned niece and nephews. Tait needs Melanie to help with the children but neither one expected to be attracted to each other. It was just supposed to be a union that needed to happen for each one’s personal reasons. The kids really steal the story in this trip to the Wild West! I really enjoyed laughing at their antics and liked this story that can boast of many great characters. Four stars for this one!

No Judgements by Meg Cabot

Bree batters down the hatches for a huge storm that it about to hit Little Bridge Island, Florida where she is now living. This storm is predicted to be devastating but Bree is determined to stay on the island. She is not really too concerned about her own situation but thinks about all the pets that are on the island that will be left behind by their fleeing owners. She comes up with a plan that people can call her and she will rescue all pets that have been left behind by their owners. She promises that she will help and not judge anyone about their decision to leave the pet. She gets help from the handsome Drew, the nephew of her boss. Bree and Drew are drawn together during the storm but Bree is not sure if their relationship will last. Meg Cabot always writes an entertaining story and this one is no exception. Bold, engaging characters with zany parts of the story make this an enjoyable book that is sure to please.

Hell on Wheels by Penny Dee

I’ll admit it…..I’m a sucker for biker romance! I love the bad boy and the helpless girl combination. Penny Dee has a wonderful series, “The Kings of Mayhem MC” and this book is number four in the series. Chance has returned from a stint in the military with wounds that are visible and invisible. Chastity has had a rough life, abuse and homelessness to make her a person in need of stability and protection. Her step-brother is a maniac who is out to get her and she meets Chance who is eager to help her. Great story line and solid characters who make this an outstanding read!

The Undercover Cowboy by Lori Wilde

Allie Grainger has to get herself together! She is getting a new job, so that’s a start! After almost being trampled to death by a longhorn herd, she is relieved that her savior is a gorgeous cowboy. Little does Allie know that this cowboy is an undercover FBI agent who is investigating a ring of art thieves. To add more insult, she has just been interviewed by the person who is thought to be the ring leader! Cowboy Kyle hates to think of the beautiful Allie being party to the crime but a job is a job! A fun, short read with plenty of spice!

The Golden Oldies Guesthouse by Dee MacDonald

Tess and Simon Sparrow are in love! These two “golden oldies” were in their sixties when they met and fell madly in love! They decide to move from London to Cornwall, England. There they find an old dilapidated mansion that seems like the perfect place for them. The mansion boasts beautiful, cliff-side views but needed to be totally refurbished to become a respectable guesthouse! This delightful story is full of great characters and crazy situations! I found it to be engaging and full of heartfelt emotions and love. I would recommend this five star book to anyone!

Temptation by Inara Scott

Zoe is a high-profile patent attorney in San Francisco. She has a group of co-workers and friends that have made up her social circle for years. One of her friends, Conner, begins to become “more” than a friend after an accident that has her spending quite a bit of time with him. This novel is both sweet and steamy but just perfect for a long summer night! Excellent addition to the contemporary romance genre.