No Judgements by Meg Cabot

Bree batters down the hatches for a huge storm that it about to hit Little Bridge Island, Florida where she is now living. This storm is predicted to be devastating but Bree is determined to stay on the island. She is not really too concerned about her own situation but thinks about all the pets that are on the island that will be left behind by their fleeing owners. She comes up with a plan that people can call her and she will rescue all pets that have been left behind by their owners. She promises that she will help and not judge anyone about their decision to leave the pet. She gets help from the handsome Drew, the nephew of her boss. Bree and Drew are drawn together during the storm but Bree is not sure if their relationship will last. Meg Cabot always writes an entertaining story and this one is no exception. Bold, engaging characters with zany parts of the story make this an enjoyable book that is sure to please.

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