Grownups by Marian Keyes

I love usually love Marian Keyes’ books but this one was an exception. This book was too long with too many characters and too many side stories. Still her characters were richly developed and her dialogue was as witty as ever. Sorry, I tried but couldn’t even finish this because I got so tired of trying to figure out who everyone was. Now I know why there was a family tree on the inside of the cover!

Easy Keto Meal Prep by Aaron Day

This books shows 8 weekly meal plans and over 60 low carb recipes in its description of how to prep meals in advance. The author is an accredited nutritional therapist and clinical weight loss practitioner. He fully explains the Keto diet and integrates intermittent fasting as well as sound nutritional practices. His recipes look great, like the Mexican style breakfast muffins. Of course there are also great directions for each recipe and full shopping lists for each week.

Wind River Undercover by Lindsay McKenna

Anna and Gabe work together with the DEA to fight against a drug lord who has plans to infiltrate the Wind River Valley. This book is part of a series of excellent stories about veterans getting their lives back together. This book was more about explanations of relationships, lives, and drug operations. Anna and Gabe’s relationship seemed forced, stilted and artificial. Unfortunately, this was not up to par with the other books in the series.

Always Enough by Kelly Elliot

Kaylee has just moved to the big skies of Montana. She meets an ex-bull rider on the rodeo circuit, Ty Shaw. Ty is famous in his hometown, not only for bull riding but for being a man who never has trouble finding single woman! Ty is convinced that he will never settle down with one woman, that is, until he meets Kaylee. The attraction is there, now Kaylee needs to get Ty to let go of the fear and apprehension that is keeping him from his own happiness. Great story and wonderful characters make this an enjoyable story for mature readers.

Come Home to Deep River by Jackie Ashenden

Silas and Hope were best friends from childhood. Si has been away from Deep River, Alaska for 13 years when he finds out after the death of his friend, Cal’s will leaves him ownership of the entire town. After Si gets back to Deep River he reconnects with Hope and they both try to get their lives back on track. Good story but I found the plot to be a little slow and too wordy. Still a sweet, romantic read that worth reading.

Where the Lost Wander by Amy Harmon

Kudos to Amy Harmon and her colorful, emotional depiction of the overland crossings from Missouri to California in the 1800’s. I love this era in our country ‘s history and have read hundreds of fictional and nonfictional accounts. I must say that this book was one of the very best fictional stories that I’ve read in a long time. The author uses a blend of fictional and nonfictional characters to create a gripping, believable story of love, family and tragedy. John Lowery is a “half-breed”, with a white father and Pawnee mother. He is a mule breeder and trainer who helps his father in the mule business. He gets to know the May family while traveling with the wagon train to California and is immediately taken by the daughter, Naomi. Both are complicated characters with stories both known and unknown. If you love this type of story, dig in and enjoy, you won’t be sorry!

Private Means by Cree LeFavour

Alice and Peter have been married for over twenty years. Peter is a successful psychiatrist with a thriving practice. Alice has just lost her dog and she feels like her life is doomed from that point on. The couple go though the motions in their loveless relationship, hanging on to illicit passion from others. I found the story to be strangely written, very slow with dull, emotionless characters. Sorry, this book is not for me.

Revenge is Sweet by Kaye George

This story takes place in the beautiful, Hill Country town of Fredericksburg, Texas. Tally Holt is the owner of her new candy shop, Tally’s Olde Tyme Sweets. The local handyman and adopted son of the mayor, Gene, is a real ladies man. He has been friendly with most of the single ladies in town that Tally knows. Gene has been doing repairs for Tally in her sweet shop when he is found murdered by a pair of scissors that belong to Tally’s best friend. Tally then takes it upon herself to find out who stabbed the handyman. Witty dialogue and characters make this book a solid four stars.