The English Wife by Adrienne Chinn

The story of a family, in 1940’s England and in 2000’s Newfoundland. Ellie is a young lady in 1940, just beginning a new job and dealing with World War II. She meets a soldier from Newfoundland while she is engaged to her life-long friend, George. The future story begins on 9/11, 2001. Ellie had an estranged sister, Dottie, that lived back in England . Her adult daughter, Sophie, is on a flight to NY City that is diverted to Newfoundland because of 9/11. Sophie meets a biker, Sam, and the story begins. The book moves from present to past in each chapter. I never have been a fan of books written this way and it holds true for this one. I think the continuity of the story is out of sync this way and the reader loses any momentum gained in interest along the way. It also makes the characters more one-dimensional and shallow. The results are characters that the reader cannot identify with or even care about.

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