The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

A big 5 stars for this book! I loved this story that gives the reader a extraordinary view of life during the 1920’s and 30’s, Great Depression Era. I was so engaged in this story as I thought of my own mother and her life during that time. Characters in this book were so vividly portrayed and complex; the story was so rich in history and detailing an era that is not well=known to today’s generation. I always love Kristin Hannah’s style of writing. This book is a great example of her storytelling ability!

Big Bear and Little Fish by Sandra Nickel

A delightful story about two sweet characters who just seem to have nothing in common but still try to form a bond. Friendship books are so uplifting to read to children or for them to read themselves. It’s a “feel good” story that children will want to hear again and again.

Courage Under Fire by Lindsay McKenna

Carissa Taylor is a beekeeper who must run away from her home and family after her life is threatened. She gets a job in Silver Creek, Wyoming at a local ranch. The rancher is a young man and the two fall for each other. I’m having a hard time with this review because this is the first book that I’ve read by Lindsay McKenna that I didn’t really care for. I found the characters to be unbelievable and the plot to be just about the same.

The Boy in the Orange Cape by Adam Ciccio

I’m a retired librarian and I know a great read-aloud when I see it! Oh, the story is just perfect! In this day of all the upheaval and bickering, I found this book to show children how sweet it is to face your “bullies” and to win them over! Cory wore an orange cape today and he is bullied every day after that. He continues to wear his capes and finally a sweet friend helps Cory out by getting every kid in school to wear a cape. The bully is the only one without a cape so Cory offers one to him ! So sweet! All my librarian friends reading this will go wild reading this book to students! Can you imagine making different color (paper) capes as described in the book and letting students in the audience play the part? Fun story and great way to teach problem solving!