A Borrowed Life by Kerry Anne King

Liz has a pretty perfect life as a mother of one daughter and wife to a pastor. Her husband dies and suddenly she is faced with so many choices in her life, the main one being that now she is able to make some of her wants come true. I felt a lot of empathy with this character as she tries to please her daughter, friends and family. I felt her want to have new friends and embracing of a new lover in her life. Oh, if only life could be simple! Liz becomes pregnant at 49 and must decide what path she must take now. Realistic story, brave, strong characters and a sympathetic plot make this a great read.

One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London

It’s so nice to read about someone who is a real person. Someone who could be your friend, neighbor or co-worker. Someone who might look like you. Someone who doesn’t have the perfect body! I guess that is really what I mean. We need to continue to embrace different people from ourselves, and that should also mean people of different sizes. I loved the main character, Bea. She is glued to a “Bachelorette” type show and ends up on the show. I love her tenacity and strength! Funny, charming and sweet all together make this a wonderful read!

Sorry, I’ve been gone for so long!!

Covid 19, the death of my precious 96 year old mother and last year, my husband’s death have all evolved into many changes in my life! I’m trying to get back to my “normal” ; so here I am again. I’ve learned many things in the past year, first, live every day like it were your last because no one has a guarantee of tomorrow. Second, love your God and establish a personal relationship with him/her because we are not in control of our lives. (Actually, that should be number one!!) When you go through trials, God is the way to turn for real wisdom. My God is a forgiving God. He has taken his creation, (me), and loves me even though I stray off the right path. Thank you Lord for saving me and showing me Your grace. I am humbly thankful!

500 Miles from You by Jenny Colgan

I love Jenny Colgan books! 500 Miles from You takes place in Scotland where a mild-mannered community nurse, Cormack, changes places with a “big city” nurse, Lissie, in London. I loved this sweet romance of the two, engaging in each other’s patients and becoming friends by constant communication between the two. This story is realistic and endearing! Definitely put it on your summer reading list!

A Cottage Wedding by Leigh Duncan

A sweet Hallmark Publishing romance is the best way to beat the summer heat! Tara is a journalist who works for a wedding publication and is sent to Heart’s Landing, a popular wedding destination to write a story on the quaint little town. She is escorted around the town by a handsome descendant of the founders, Jason Heart. Love is in the air in Heart’s Landing and hopefully, Tara and Jason find that special bond!

The Colonel and The Enchantress by Paulette Golden

Lady Mary falls in love at a very young age with Colonel Duncan Starrett. He leaves to go to war and Lady Mary pledges to wait for him. The story becomes complicated when the colonel returns with severe injuries that cause him to feel unworthy of his lovely Mary. The characters were steady and realistic and combined with a great story line, this book is perfect for historical romance buffs to add to their summer reading list!

Olive the Lionheart by Brad Ricca

This true story tells about the adventures of Olive MacLeod, a thirty year old Scottish woman who decides to go to Africa to find her fiance who has been reported missing. Olive handles all the difficulties and invisible dangers that she has to deal with in her quest in 1910 Africa. She was so bold and courageous with her encounters that it makes the reader proud to hear of such a woman in that time of history. This is definitely a four star read for anyone with an adventurous soul!

Thursday’s Bride by Patricia Johns

This extraordinary story revolves a young Amish widow and her twin daughters living with her in-laws. She has to deal with old secrets, past loves and the idea of marrying again. This book was just a delight to read. The author developed the characters in a deep and realistic way that has the reader thinking that she not only “knows” the characters but understands the way they think! She has woven a sweet story that is guaranteed to delight anyone who loves to read an endearing tale!

The Last Diet by Shahroo Izadi

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was not a strict plan that you have to follow in order to lose weight. I appreciated reading about the author’s own weight lose and her ideas about breaking old habits in order to eat in a healthy manner. I guess that’s what it all goes down to; figuring out things in your eating habits that need to be changed and having the will and determination to make those changes. A great companion for anyone who is facing the tough job of changing your life to benefit your body and health forever.

Relentless in Texas by Kari Lynn Dell

Gil Sanchez was once a huge success on the rodeo circuit but now he is fighting to retain his sobriety and continue healing his body after the injury that ended his career. Gil is fighting to continue his independence when he runs into Carmelita White Fox. He is instantly drawn to her and the feeling is mutual. This contemporary romance is moving and intense. Strong characters and a good story make this a great summer read!