A Highlander Walks Into a Bar by Laura Trentham

Isabelle (Izzy) welcomes her mother back to Highland, Georgia after returning from a trip to Scotland. Her mother surprises her by bringing a true “Highlander” with her who is a very wealthy Earl. His disappearance from Scotland comes as a shock to his family and the Earl’s nephew is sent to find him and bring him back home. So we have two Highlanders and two beautiful women and of course the sparks begin to fly. I am an avid fan of Laura Trentham books and I really hope that this series can captivate the emotion and sincere, engaging characters that Ms. Trentham is so popular for in her Cottonwood series.

Wrangling His Best Friend’s Sister by Leslie North

After her husbands death, Ava Pearson and young son move back to her parents home in Texas.  Ava is trying to become a journalist but she first must be able to take care of her son and live on her own.  She secures a position with her brother’s best friend on his ranch.  Bran has known Ava all their lives and feels like he may have made a bad decision in hiring her.  Ava has always had a crush on Bran so that makes the story even more interesting!  Sweet love story with a touch of country!  

Strands of Love by N.J. Walters

Time travel with two handsome hunks….brothers, in fact. From Texas to another galaxy(?), a woman is moved to another land on a magic tapestry. She meets two brothers and has to decide if she wants to go home or stay with them. I have a question, do they wear a kilt? Crazy story of time traveling in this steamy book. (And I do mean steamy!!)

The Goddess Gets Her Guy by Ashlyn Chase

Mother Nature is urged by her sisters, Fate and Karma, to let them find a date/man for her. Mother Nature’s goddess name is Gaia. She is the head goddess and is very strict with her paranormal subjects. Gaia is highly irritated that her subjects cannot keep her number one rule, never reveal your supernatural powers to anyone, not even your mate. Mother Nature/Gaia decides to go to the rain forests of Puerto Rico to get away from it all and meets Dr. Aaron Samuels who is there to do research. The two become close and Gaia wonders if her strict rule is something that she can follow. Cute story line with snappy, sizzling dialogue. Fun reading for anyone who wants a getaway from it all!

Wolf Rebel by Paige Tyler

Rachel is a wolf-shifter who has had emotional turmoil since being attacked in a Chattanooga cemetery by a huge clown. She is a SWAT officer now for the Dallas police department. Even after moving to a different city, she still has been having reoccurring nightmares of that night in the cemetery. Rachel meets Knox through a job she has been assigned to and realizes that her life will never be the same since they met. This book has it all, a Shifter’s story with tons of adventure, action and scary moments. When I worked as a children’s librarian, I always thought the books for middle readers with shape-changing humans were a little silly. Now after reading the adult version of these books, I can see the appeal of these stories. The author of this book was very meticulous in her descriptions of shape-changing for the first time. I appreciate her creativity in making this a four star read!