Not Quite a Scot by Janice Maynard

McKenzie and her two friends have come to Scotland on a mission! They love and are huge fans of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. They plan to divide up and spend a month on their own in Scotland finding someone like the Outlander heartthrob, Jamie Fraser. That means someone handsome, tall, muscular and of course, Scottish. The kilt is optional! Author Janice Maynard has come up with a unique plot that is tons of fun and full of romance. I loved the descriptions of McKenzie and her friends in search for the perfect Scotsman! I am a super Outlander fan and was absolutely delighted to read about her adventures on the Isle of Skye. McKenzie is renting a home on the island and the very first day she meets Finley Craig, a tall, blue-eyed hunk. McKenzie knows that her month on the isle will be an incredible Outlander vacation! Of course, do things ever go as planned? Read this terrific book to find out! Recommended for anyone who loves a new spin on a romantic story, and of course for Outlander lovers!

Not Quite a Scot (Kilted Heroes, #3) by Janice Maynard will be available November 8, 2016 by Lyrical Press, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp. An egalley of this book was made available by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

The 24 Days of Christmas by Linda Lael Miller

Ho, Ho, Ho! Now is the season to read Christmas books, especially when they are sweet novellas by Linda Lael Miller. This story begins with Frank Raynor and his precocious daughter, Lissie thinking about her school Christmas pageant. Lissie is set on getting the role of “head” angel in the play. She is so excited about the angel tryouts, she has made herself a lopsided halo that she wears every day. Frank and Lissie are living alone since Maggie, Frank’s wife and Lissie’s mother, passed away two years ago. Meanwhile Addie Hutton, Frank’s high school love, comes back to town after the breakup of her marriage. This is when the fun starts! I really enjoyed reading this story. It is an endearing Christmas story guaranteed to warm your heart this holiday season. Recommended for all of you that love delightful Christmas stories!

The 24 Days of Christmas (ebook) by Linda Lael Miller will be available November 8, 2016 by Kensington Publishing Corp. An egalley of this book was made available by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

Power Words: What You Say Can Change Your Life by Joyce Meyer

New York Times #1 Bestselling author Joyce Meyer’s book about the power of words and how important it is to have only positive things coming out of your mouth. Joyce is an internationally known author, speaker, and minister who runs a world-wide ministry. She writes about how important it is to pray and to use God’s Word to bless what you say. I loved her first book about this topic, Me and My Big Mouth. This book reiterates the importance of thinking and praying before you say anything! I have always felt like I need help in this area of my life. Thank you, Joyce for always being so relevant in helping with everyday problems. An excellent book that will be a blessing to anyone who reads it.

Power Words: What You Say Can Change Your Life by Joyce Meyer is available now. The publisher is Faith Words and is allowing me to give a honest review.

Welcome Home for Christmas by Annie Rains

Troy Matthews is a handsome, Marine military policeman who is talked into attending a Christmas benefit for orphan children. All he has to do is volunteer his time to help wives of servicemen whose husbands are away from home. Allison Carmichael is a beautiful redhead who is the director of the Veteran’s Center and also the person who has set up the auctioning of volunteer Marines willing to help out families. After meeting Troy, Allison decides that she will be the highest bidder for this tough Marine. Her mother has been really after her to come to Christmas dinner and wants her to bring a date. Allison decides that she will just have to pay for her date! This book had a fun, flirty story that was enjoyable to read. The characters were believable and endearing and the story was just delightful! ( Mature romance with provocative scenes ) Recommended for those who love contemporary romance.

Welcome Home for Christmas (Hero’s Welcome, #4) by Annie Rains will be available November 8, 2016 by Loveswept, an imprint of Penguin Random House. An egalley of this book was made available by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

Restoring Love by Jennifer Slattery

Contemporary Christian fiction at its best!
Bianca and her children are trying to make ends meet while her law-breaking husband is in jail. Her story is interwoven with two other story lines. Mitch owns the house that Bianca is renting and is in the process of restoring other homes in the neighborhood. He is divorced and hurting from his own family issues. A lovely, single lady, Angela, moves across the street from Bianca. Angela is fighting her own silent war with the past and her angst of beginning a new career. She has no time for dating but is full of God’s love and passion to help out anyone in need. Her heart breaks as she watches Bianca and her children under so much pressure and heartache. Mitch is a Christian man who meets Angela in church and then realizes that she lives in the neighborhood that he is working in. This book is a testament to God’s restoring love and grace working in everyday people’s lives. It is a sweet story with the heartache of everyday life being transformed by faith. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a contemporary novel.

Restoring Love by Jennifer Slattery will be published February 6, 2017 by New Hope Publishers. An egalley of this book was made available by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma by Ratika Kapur

I was so happy to meet Mrs. Sharma in this intimate, poetic allegory of a modern Indian housewife. Author Ratika Kapur has written a powerful story that provides beautifully woven characters in the life of Mrs. Sharma and her family. Mrs. Renuka Sharma is a mother, wife, daughter-in-law and receptionist. Her husband is working in Dubai so that money can be saved for the family to get ahead. She is lonely and tired, her family issues are consuming her. Who can she turn to?
I haven’t enjoyed a book this much in a long time. I felt like I was reading a beautiful, lyrical poem as I immersed myself into present-day Delhi, India. I would recommend this book to anyone; it was an exceptional story!

The Private of Mrs. Sharma by Ratika Kapur will be published December 13, 2016 by Bloomsbury. An egalley of this book was made available by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

Scorched Earth by Michael Savage

Internationally-known radio talk show host, Dr. Michael Savage, writes what he says is his last nonfiction book after a string of popular books including Government Zero. In this book, he sets out a detailed discussion of what has gone wrong in President Obama’s administration in the past 7 1/2 years. The heart of the book is also a meticulous case of the reasons why Hillary Clinton should never be elected as the next president of the United States. Very interesting book with opinions, facts and theories to ponder on.

Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country after Obama by Michael Savage will be available September 13, 2016. An egalley of this book was made by Center Street, an imprint of Hachette Book Group in exchange for a honest review.