No Ocean Too Wide by Carrie Turansky

During the late 1800’s to 1939, there were at least 100,000 British children shipped over to Canada to become laborers and servants. This book is a story based on this historic event. The story is about the McAlister family after the tragic loss of their father and mother. The oldest daughter was away from home working when finds out about her mother’s death and fears that her siblings have been shipped off to Canada. This emotional story is a wonderful example of Christian fiction that shows love of family and the power of faith.

An American Duchess by Caroline Fyffe

Emma, an Colorado farm worker marries Duke Beranger and promptly moves to England and his ancestral home. Emma tries very hard to learn the manners and customs of the English but in turn misses her home and family in America. Emma befriends a young maid at the manor, Charlotte. Charlotte has met the Dukes cousin and is totally infatuated with him. This is a sweet story that has two women who have similar dreams about their lives. Well-written and engaging story make this a four star book!

Some Like it Scandalous by Maya Rodale

Miss Daisy Swan never did want to get married! She always dreamed of being a business woman and being single forever. However, Miss Daisy has also always been considered an ugly duckling! In fact, she was taunted from childhood and called Ugly Duck Daisy! And the number one person who taunted her was Mr. Theodore Prescott the Third, the blond haired, blue eyed handsome school mate of hers. Of course the two are both single years later and their parents force them into an engagement. Cute story but I got a little tired of the plot. The story was slow and a little redundant.

Texas Trouble by Gerry Bartlett

Scarlett Hall, a victim of kidnapping and assault, tries to heal her emotions and forget about the brutal man who carved his initials into her skin. Little does she know that he is still hiding out from the police just blocks from where she is. Ethan Calhoun is trying to open a downtown bar in Austin, Texas. He has some serious issues with his own mother and her friend escaping from a mental facility. Scarlett and Ethan meet and the sparks are instant. Danger, family issues and drama highlight this novel. There is room for some romance but the other story lines are more prominent. It was a little too violent for me but some will enjoy this fast-paced story.

The Bookshop on the Shore by Jenny Colgan

I loved this new Jenny Colgan novel! A distraught, uncomprehending father with three young children in Scotland meets a young English woman as she becomes his “Nanny number seven”. Nanny Zoe has a four year old son who has never spoken who has a “never present” dad to boot! The story is about family, a mother and father’s love for their child and a full cast of great characters. This is not a romance! This book deals with family members and their relationships. The plot is rich in emotions and children dealing with issues stemming from the loss of a parent and/or living with one parent. I really found it to be so captivating and sincere. It made me feel the pain and the sad emotions that adults put their children through. This is my favorite Jenny Colgan book and I’ve read many of them. Five stars for pulling my heart strings!

Home for the Holidays by Terry Spear

Back to the wolf-shifters! A Christmas story about shifters that is lots of fun, especially when you throw in ghosts! (They’re pretty friendly!). The stars of the story are Meghan the cute little red wolf and Peter who is the sheriff in town! Meghan and her sisters run an inn in town and she has been dating Peter, the handsome sheriff. Meghan is a shifter who sees ghosts and she tries to help some local ghosts in town. Meghan is also afraid for her life because she put another shifter in jail and now he’s looking for her! Fun story with lots of action! Four stars for this one!