Healing the Rancher by Mary Sue Jackson

Carter has had a terrible accident on a horse that has left him with debilitating injuries. He hires Willow, a physical therapist, to live on his ranch and help him rehabilitate. Willow brings along her young son who has issues from seeing his crazy father abuse his mother. I know that this probably sounds like just all the other romances but that’s not the case. Author, Mary Sue Jackson, does a phenomenal job of developing her characters and writing a story that was endearing, interesting and kept me up reading into the night. Yes, it is steamy but it was just a good story that I found to be very engaging and I really loved it!

Promise at Pebble Creek by Lisa Jones Baker

A sweet story about a young, Amish woman, Hannah Lapp who runs the town’s “Amish Eatables”. She has a new, Englischer customer, Marcus Jackson, who has just become a Christian and is very eager to make friends. He ends up renting a place on Hannah’s family land and their friendship becomes closer as they begin to explore the possibility of making their relationship last. I enjoyed this very endearing story of Hannah and Marcus. I would recommend it to anyone who loves this type of romance.

What You Wish For by Katherine Center

I really expected to love this book because I read Katherine Center’s, Things You Save in a Fire and dearly loved it! This book fell flat for me after it had so many things going for it. The story takes place on Galveston Island, Texas, a place I live very close to. It was about schools and a librarian and I’m a retired teacher/librarian. It had romance in it and I love romance! But, this story did not make me want to sit and read for hours, it didn’t excite me, in fact, I really just wanted it to end! The book had too many characters that I didn’t care for and a school that sounded like none I’ve ever worked in. There was of course, a case of unrequited love that had no sparks or believably. Sorry, it was just not a book for me.

Hello, Summer by Mary Kay Andrews

Sarah Conley Hawkins was a highly successful reporter for a big newspaper in Atlanta. She decides to change jobs and then suddenly that job doesn’t work out. Conley retreats to her grandmother’s home in Florida to figure out what she will do with her life now. Soon after returning home, she witnesses a strange car accident that takes the life of a Florida congressman. She decides to begin investigative reporting for the local family newspaper and finds a murky past in the life of the dead congressman. This ignites her to dig deeper into this dangerous story to find out the real truth. A great story and engaging characters make this a great book to put at the top of your summer reading lists!

The English Wife by Adrienne Chinn

The story of a family, in 1940’s England and in 2000’s Newfoundland. Ellie is a young lady in 1940, just beginning a new job and dealing with World War II. She meets a soldier from Newfoundland while she is engaged to her life-long friend, George. The future story begins on 9/11, 2001. Ellie had an estranged sister, Dottie, that lived back in England . Her adult daughter, Sophie, is on a flight to NY City that is diverted to Newfoundland because of 9/11. Sophie meets a biker, Sam, and the story begins. The book moves from present to past in each chapter. I never have been a fan of books written this way and it holds true for this one. I think the continuity of the story is out of sync this way and the reader loses any momentum gained in interest along the way. It also makes the characters more one-dimensional and shallow. The results are characters that the reader cannot identify with or even care about.

The Outlaw’s Daughter by Margaret Brownley

The outlaw’s daughter was never accepted by the town’s people. She seemed to never gain their approval until she married her husband, Neal. Now Neal is dead after becoming the town hero. A handsome Texas Ranger, Matt Taggert, is in town and believes that Neal was a bank robber. He and Elle May feel a powerful attraction that that may not come to fruition because of her husband’s and her own pasts. Enjoyable story about a great time with strong women in our American history.

The Amish School Teacher by Jerry Eicher

A beautiful, emotional story of a young Amish teacher who moves away to a new Amish community to teach. Mary meets Marcus Yoder, a handsome, brooding farmer who is so sure that Mary is not someone that he could ever have a relationship with. This is one of the sweetest, most heart-felt story of healing hearts and precious first love. I loved this book and look forward to reading more of Jerry Eicher.

Once in a Blue Moon by Sharon Sala

Cathy Terry has a secret that she’s not willing to tell. Shes been threatened and stalked by her mobster ex-husband and she has fled Las Vegas for fear of her life. She is traveling solo, believing that she’ll never having peace again when she stumbles upon the lovely town of Blessings, Georgia. Everyone she meets is kind and helpful, including Duke Talbot. Duke becomes her protector and helps her as she faces her worse fears. This book is number 10 in the Blessings, Georgia series. Solid characters and an interesting plot make this a book worth reading!