Summer on Moonlight Bay by Hope Ramsey

Lia has just come to Magnolia Harbor, South Carolina after spending many years in the US Navy. She is homeless and jobless but hoped to meet an old Navy friend who lives here and perhaps work with him again. On her drive in, she sees an animal lying in the road. She stops to check on it and finds a darling puppy who is injured. Lia and the puppy make it a veterinary clinic and meet Noah, a visiting veterinarian. Lia tries to settle in town and decides that it might be a great place to live, especially because of Noah. I loved this sweet romance and enjoyed the characters and fast-moving plot. Very interesting subplot about domestic violence.  Also contains a bonus novel.

Wind River Protector by Lindsay McKenna

The story begins with an engrossing story of a female pilot, Andy, being shot down in Afghanistan.  This is also another survivor of a nearby crash, Dev Mitchell, the pilot.  The two make it to safety and we are brought to the present time with a meeting of the two again in Wind River.  The story is so emotional and heartfelt, I loved it as much as the other Wind River books in the series.  In this book, the author shows her military knowledge and obvious love for veterans.  She does make her feelings known about men and what kind of man a woman should want. I appreciate her views but think that she was redundant in expounding on those views.  Still, great story and fabulous series! 

A Down Home Christmas by Liz Talley

A great new story by Hallmark Publishers, a whimsical Christmas story set in rural Mississippi. Tory is a beautiful teacher whose neighbor has pet chickens who wear knitted sweaters! Her neighbor also has a handsome nephew, Kris, who is successful country singer. Kris has just come to visit before working on a new album and has been roped in to helping Tory plan a Christmas celebration for the town. Sweet story with great characters, romance, and a chicken named Loretta Lynn make this a great read to prepare for the holiday season.

Say No to the Duke by Eloisa James

Lord Jeremy has just returned to England after serving in America during the Revolutionary War. He goes to the home of his best friend and meets his beautiful sister, Betsy. Betsy is so popular this season and it seems after many rebuked marriage proposals, she is once again attached to a new beau who is a future duke. Jeremy is drawn to Betsy but must convince her to say no to the Duke! My first thoughts about this story was the pleasant surprise after the first chapter! It was so engaging with wonderful characters that were realistic and imaginable. I absolutely loved it and give it five stars for keeping me engrossed long into the night!

The Outlaw’s Heart by Amy Sandas

Evelyn is married to a wealthy, successful businessman in Boston. Their marriage is a sham and full of physical abuse that causes Evelyn to flee to Wyoming by train. The train is stopped by kidnappers that take Evelyn in a case of mistaken identity. One of the kidnappers is a Native American man, Gabriel. This is the story of Gabriel and Evelyn. I have to say that I loved reading this endearing story of the old West. The story was unrealistic but had the enticement of forbidden love!! Four big stars for this historical romance that is sweet and heartfelt.

The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris by Jenny Colgan

Jenny Colgan has written a beautiful one-way ticket to Paris into the world of chocolate! Anna is an English lady who has spent her life working with chocolate. She moves to Paris and becomes a worker in a family-owned chocolate shop. The chocolatier, Thierry, is an huge, overweight Frenchman who loves food and fun in his Paris society. He was once in love with a beautiful English woman, Claire, who is also a friend of Anna’s. (Claire and Thierry’s love story is also a storyline.) Anna becomes involved with Laurent, son of the chocolatier, Thierry. Be sure to have tissues ready when you read this emotional story of lost love. Four solid stars for a fun story with lots of sweets and romance !

To Tempt the Wolf by Terry Spear

Tessa, a human female lives in the Pacific Northwest along the coast.  She is out picking up firewood on the beach when she comes across a naked man who is unconscious and freezing.  That man, Hunter, is really a lupus garou or werewolf.  He is is leader of a pack that is in the area and becomes involved with a vicious gang of grey wolves that are up to “no good”!  Tessa and Hunter become involved and the story goes on.  Actually, this is a rather long book and I really didn’t mind.  It’s got tons of action and a great story.  I’ve read shapechangers, paranormal romance before but the author gives some wonderful detail into the lives and habits of the loup garou!  She also explains and displayed the process of a human becoming a werewolf.  Very Interesting!  Treat yourself to some great action and a fabulous story.  Five stars for this one!