Till I Kissed You by Laura Trentham

Till I Kissed You by Laura Trentham
Book 3 of the Cottonwood series.

Cottonwood, Louisiana and Cottonwood, Mississippi couldn’t be more different. One side is home to the “swamp rats” and the other is the “tea sippers”. One side has the Fournette family and the other doesn’t. Sawyer Fournette has loved Regan Lovell since they were in school together, but that was years ago. Now they’re both grown up but still on opposite sides of the river. Sawyer has joined his brother’s business and is Parish Commissioner. Regan is the mayor of Cottonwood, Mississippi. Regan’s mother told her many years ago that Sawyer was not good enough for her, but for Regan, it didn’t matter. She loves Sawyer with love that is real and encompasses her whole body and soul. Thrown together so many times through the years had her feeling hate at first, but now its different. Someone is threatening Regan and who does she turn to? Sawyer, of course. The result is a story of love, healing and destiny.
I have to say that I have really enjoyed reading all three of the Cottonwood books. Laura Trentham has the talent of being a great storyteller and developing deep, emotional characters. You not only read her books, you pull up a chair, grab a glass of sweet tea and get to know them like any good friend would. I want to live next door to the Fournettes; to see their fierce pride and close family bonds. I want to become friends with the main characters and enjoy their easygoing lifestyle. Now that’s how I know that I’ve loved a book! I couldn’t wait until I could read more and let myself fall back under the warm sun in Cottonwood. Kudos to you Laura Trentham! Forgot to mention that this book has a little mystery tied into it. I highly recommend the series to anyone who loves a sweet but spicy love story.

Till I Kissed You by Laura Trentham will be published August 2, 2016 by St. Martin’s Press. An egalley of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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